Destroyer, and the Waiting Ones

Sometimes, if I close my eyes tight to block out the world, I can feel my heart beating to a secret rhythm.  A warlike rhythm.

The clashing of swords, yes, and the whir of arrows over vast distances. Those are the songs of my heart, and of my blood.

Memories long past; they are not mine, but the feel of these raging hearts are familiar.

I understand justice and vengeance and desire, and I understand pain and loss and suffering.  And I want to understand excellence.

When the world is still, quiet, I can feel the heat of Your Presence.  Inside, throughout, so deeply saturating.  Burning away the pain beneath the pain.

Destroying.  Releasing. Purging.  Purifying. To be vicious, to be soothing.  You play me as deftly as You play Your lyre, and You make me better with each masterful stroke.

And if I am quiet beside You, if I am still, sometimes I can feel the Waiting Ones. Never far, always near.

But waiting doesn’t mean They are quiet, and waiting doesn’t mean They are still. They are a swarm, the Waiting Ones.  An agitated swarm.

And they carry a warning.  A warning not to assume too much, for they will treat all wrong with due consequence.

They are not squeamish, the Waiting Ones, and fear was absolved from them in times long past.  Times when they lived, and also died.  I am theirs, and they are mine.

It is my duty to purge and to purify, to destroy and to release.  As You have done for me, Destroyer, so do I, for the Waiting Ones.

And I play them as deftly as I play my own instrument, and they are made kinder by each loving stroke.

5 responses to “Destroyer, and the Waiting Ones

  1. I can identify so strongly with this, at first I thought you might have written it for me–especially the first few paragraphs. I love it!

    • I am always, always surprised when something so personal resonates with others. Of course, in all my flailings over this subject (or shall I say these subjects), the most constant thing repeated to me, by your Man might I add, is that I should talk to you. But, stubborn ‘ole me isn’t going to do something logical like that! LOL

      • Lol! I’ve done my own share of failings too, and our people sound very similar in some respects. I’d be happy to help if I can.

      • It’s not that I needed help with any one thing in particular. It’s just the struggle of understanding how and why these spirits are mine. That, and I’m the *only* person I know of who has been put is such a situation. Then I was reminded that you are in similar circumstances. But then, I’m like “These are stupid n00b questions that I ought to already know the answers to…” LMAO Yeah, right!

      • They’re not stupid noob questions, or if they are,they’re questions I’m still struggling with too…I think it may be a little like wondering why a particular god has chosen us. Anyway, my inbox is always open! And I am writing something this month that if I can get it done may interest you …