30 Days of Tori Amos

You didn’t think I was going to end my “30 Days of Tori Amos” without giving you the whole playlist, did you?  You know me better than that.  ;)

However, I must confess to not remembering with whom this brilliant idea originated.  If you are the person, please, speak up and take credit.

Now, the songs that I’ve chosen were done so to convey layers of meaning (to myself), depending upon mood.  Her music has been more than just a processing point for my Polytheism/Paganism.  I learned more about being a worthy human, and an authentic woman, than I ever did about anything Pagan-related.  But, I won’t dare to interfere with your own internal processing, so I hope you let Tori’s artistry, and her lyrics, carry you to the places you need to be.

Oh, and you get an awesome bonus performance, at the end!  :D


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