Niobid Sons

None of you are innocent.  Innocence can not spring from one so guilty.  Did you believe her when she spoke such poison toward those Who dwell in the Heavens?  Did you trust that her womanhood was superior to the ancient cult? Did you truly think you were the betters of Divinely sired offspring?

It is not unfortunate that My arrows find their targets, fleshy and pliant.  Run. Flee. Attempt to escape.  It only fuels My fire.  It only enlivens the chase.  But there is no distance that can stop Me.

See, how I pierce each one of you with a death-dart.  Feel the life drain away– the very same life which was nurtured by a mother’s lies, now bleeds out over the landscape.  Enter the Red Parade as it scurries about the courtyard.  Now, slam to the ground, like a pile of felled trees, heaped one upon the other.  So many faces twisted, seeking a mothers love, a final word, a final farewell… but there is none.

Because the proud, proud mother no longer speaks.  The prison of stone cold sorrow keeps her fixed to the witness’ spot, where her proud, proud line of succession ends.

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