Floating Back to the Land of Two Rivers

I’m going Home.  I’ve resisted this ever since the reality of it hit my family a few weeks ago.  Things that seem unfathomably bad have a way of opening doors, and creating potential where there was previously none.  I have to face facts. Opportunities for my family to succeed and to thrive are back home.  We came here for the same reasons which drive us back, and indeed we have thrived. But, everything changes.  I knew this from the beginning, though I sought out attachments here.  And now that I have them, who is to say this was not the plan of the Land all along?

“Go forth and learn.  Go forth and grow,” the spirits said to me the day I left them.  For the past year (a little over a year, actually) I’ve learned a lot about myself in this new location. Perhaps I am now better equipped to stand in my previous station, the station which awaits me.

Gods, I love this State, and every little bit of it that has called to me.  There is yet more to explore, so much more to see.  But now, the Land of Two Rivers is calling me.

So, I’m going Home.

And… because I am not one to dismiss astronomical omens, here is an image of the Comet ISON emerging from the Solar atmosphere.  [click image to watch]



2 responses to “Floating Back to the Land of Two Rivers

  1. Underneath the “oh my gods, moving!!” dread, I am excited for you. I actually love the whole moving-being-in-a-new-place, thing. Which I guess doesn’t really apply to this. Hrm. But! Going as you are moved to go is awesome. Iwish I was nearby so I could help you pack.

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