On Oracles and Diviners

Oracles and Diviners do not carry the final word of any God.  They may only give you what they can translate through their own mental, emotional, and spiritual filters, which includes any tools of their trade.  First and foremost, an Oracle or a Diviner, is a translator of a God’s Will.  The words are not theirs, and should not be followed by rote.

The Oracle’s interpretations of the words should be limited in the beginning, and only expanded upon by request of the querent.  If an Oracle or Diviner gives you unsolicited advice or interpretation, politely thank them, but hold onto your own interpretation first.  The words are addressed to the querent, not to the Oracle.

If an Oracle insists that you must follow their interpretation, despite your having to walk your very own path, and not theirs, then you have an example of a false Oracle.  Not false in the sense that their ability should be questioned, but certainly their well-demonstrated humanity should raise some warning flags.

Because we are all human, and flawed, it is always possible to take ourselves and our abilities too seriously.  I liken this phenomenon to a sing-language interpreter being mistaken for the speech-maker during an important event. The difference is obvious to anyone paying attention, or anyone with requisite knowledge of sign-language interpreters.

As it is unlikely that the interpreter has forgotten that they are not delivering the actual speech, it is the perception of those watching which transforms the interpreter into the speech-maker.  If no one bothers to question the false reality being woven around the interpreter, it becomes more difficult for those glancing to differentiate the two.

This is a serious issue.  Those seeking Oraclular or Divinitory confirmation need to be alert, and aware of these types of broken boundaries.  I think some of this is due to the informal and anonymous nature of the internet, which is a tool utilized by many Diviners and Oracles, myself included.  The ease and convenience of long-distance Oracular work should not be a replacement for the solid and physical exchange of energies needed to discern truth from fiction, and human from Divine.  It takes a more conscious effort by the querent to remain focused on the words, and less so on the person delivering them.

Oracles and Diviners are people, like the rest of us– plain and unspectacular. We, our abilities, and our translations of the Divine Will, are not to be placed above the inherent knowledge existing within individuals.  In the end, we ourselves are no more than the tools of our Gods and spirits.

A megaphone, for example, has many volume settings.  And like a megaphone, Oracles can be turned either up, or down.  Common knowledge tells us that the Gods have Their hand on the dail, but what isn’t so commonly known, is that the querent has a volume control of their own.  Do not be afraid of using yours.

Another way to ensure that you are not led down an unnecessary detour, is to seek out multiple sources.  Do not go to only one Oracle or Diviner.  There isn’t only one, and I’m certain that if you look hard enough, you will find at least two translators for any particular God.  Probably more.  You have all the power in the relationship between you and the Oracle you choose.

Just remember that your interpretation of your message stands above the Oracle’s interpretation of your message.  And if they tell you otherwise… walk away.  Tools are a dime a dozen, and you will find another one.

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  1. Alexis Solvey Viorsdottir

    I know this problem.
    A week ago or so I asked for a spontaneous divination by random people via FB, without telling them the question and without the request for an additional interpretation to the cards. On that day I waited for an answer of Apollon, which I knew He would not give me in personal. I would have known the answer if I’d seen it.

    So… some people picked cards for me. One was without interpretation and absolutely okay.
    Two other persons gave me an answer with additional interpretation.
    The cards on their own were accurate. It was to interpret them by my own, I knew it at that point.

    But both persons gave me additional meanings and directed the interpretation of the cards to their own way – and it had NOTHING to do with my question.

    So… I’ve learned much in this situation. If you are able to understand a card… or a sentence by your own… if it makes a good sense to you, than you don’t need another interpretation. Only if you are insecure or don’t know the cards/symbols meaning. Otherwise it will only confuse you or lead you in the wrong direction.

    If I listened to the people on this day, I would have understood the meaning of the cards wrong wrong.

  2. Alexis Solvey Viorsdottir

    Sorry, I forgot something. On that day I did not want to test people. I just wanted something simple like picking a card from a card deck or pushing the button of a MP3-player. Unfortunately it went wrong. The ego of an oracle sometimes can be too big, I think. When you are working as an oracle, you always have to think of this risk. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t read or interpret for others. As you said: you always see through your own yes.

  3. I know, from seeing it first hand with various people, that it can be difficult to not try to interpret the messages as one is getting them, and to a point I think this is a natural inclination — natural in that I think it taps into our instinct to look for patterns. The thing about instincts, and being human, is that I do believe we can know them, understand our reasons for them, and then *choose* to operate counter to them. Which, in this case, I believe is imperative. Unless asked for interpretation, the Oracle needs to keep their own thoughts to themselves. It is enough that whatever message is already going to, by necessity, go through the Oracle’s filters anyway. It’s a skill, a muscle that needs to be worked out to gain strength, in knowing when to get yourself out of the picture as much as you can, and an important one. I’m glad to see you (anyone) talking about this.

    • Apollon and I had a conversation about it last night, and He brought up the point that it is also important for an Oracle to be prepared and able to deliver *the only* interpretation, because sometimes people really do just need to hear what a God has to say to them, for whatever reason. The trick, He said, was knowing when, and when not to do so. Sometimes people will ask questions, sometimes not, choosing instead to await the message of the Deity. And still other times a God may insist that the Oracle expand briefly upon a certain section of a message. It has happened to me. But, the querent is always the only one who can determine whether or not they ought to be listening to any expanded upon message.

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    Some real simple truths about divination and anyone who divines for others. Something I drink to.

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    Yes, so very much this! This is why I very seldom offer any interpretation of my own with seidhr messages; I simply convey the answer I received to the querent. Any interpretation I offer is usually limited to emotional connotations I felt that I was picking up on, and I give those only when the message is very ambiguous and unclear (which happens only rarely). With card or runes readings, I think people expect some kind of interpretation from me, since they are paying, and sometimes a message comes through for them that has nothing to do with the cards or runes drawn. But anyone is always free to discard my comments and go with their own interpretation of the cards or runes. In the final analysis, it is SO important to remember that the oracle is not the god, just as the map is not the terrain. Proceed with care, traveler.

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    Honest truth, a great reminder.

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    Reminders about the work of oracles and diviners, precautions to take. It needed to be out there and spread.