Blessed Are The Workers

Blessed are those who are humble, who seek not to posture before the sight of Nations, those whose lives are grounded in the truth of their circumstance.

Blessed are the planters and the pickers, blessed are the herders and the milkers, blessed are the butchers and barmen.

Blessed are those whose toils are rooted in the sustenance of their families, those who linger in cubicles and those whose service is reviled.

May the garbage men be blessed, and may the maintenance men be blessed.

Blessed are the waitresses and waiters, whose hands carefully carry our meals from the possession of the blessed chefs and blessed cooks with whom our lives rest, in the moments that we dine in their establishments.

Blessed are the dishwashers and the bussers, and yes even the homeless man who comes to collect a free meal.  He is also blessed.

Blessed are the workers, all those who are humble, and especially those whom I have not mentioned.

All these are blessed, and many more, and may they remain so throughout this Season and the next.

2 responses to “Blessed Are The Workers

  1. This is beautiful. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome! I think this was prompted by it being valentines day? Because, while couples are all lovey, who’s showing love to the people toiling away at that fancy restaurant? Or the city workers who don’t get the spend the day shopping? And the people who built whatever little trinket someone gets today? Or the florist who grew the flowers that will wilt within the week? I don’t see anybody even acknowledging that these people exist, let alone that they deserve a rest and some appreciation, even on valentines day.