Prayer for Libation to Ares

Ares, Great Father of Warfare, Whose hands are bloodied and worn by the weight of many weapons, we of this place and time do offer these Libations to You, oh Piercer of Flesh, delighting in the many perils of battle.  You Who are not above the muck, and the countless stacks of bodies strewn across the fields; come now, Lord, and listen to us as we speak fondly of the role in which You so dutifully, and happily partake.

Ares, You have assisted us many times, if not within the bounds of proper battle, then Your aid has come in the struggle faced within by all who know and honor You, Dearest of Lovely Aphrodite.  Your Power, Your Manliness, compels even She Who is Love itself to take flight, and to bear arms in Love’s defense.

Ares, be favorable toward us, and send Your mighty Sons, Panic and Terror out to strike fear in our enemies, for our work honors You and the many Blessed Gods.  But, we humbly ask that You turn not Your Dread Face upon us who are devoted, and that You always move within the spirit of Arete,  Xenia and Kharis, as shall we.  We ask, Lord, that you find favor with us as we have found favor with You, and that when You walk beside us, that it is with the willingness to be bound in civilization.

Ares, of the depths of human emotion– Ares Who lives within the struggle of all living things, be pleased by this Libation, poured out to You in respect and reverence, so that You thirst not, knowing also that we do not spurn Your Power, but embrace and defend our strength by word and deed, when the offence requires.  We are not meek, nor do we shy from the challenges of life.  Instead, we acknowledge Your necessity, and celebrate You openly and with great fervor!

Hail Ares, Man Slayer!  Hail Ares, In Chains!


Reminder to any interested parties:  the actual Libation will be performed tomorrow.  You still have time to send in your own prayer, if you wish.


Update [ 04/04/14]:  The Libation to Ares was wonderfully successful, and I am looking forward to doing this for Apollon and Poseidon soon, also.  :)


2 responses to “Prayer for Libation to Ares

  1. Thank you for this. Ares receives so little attention and worship, in the past and currently. It’s nice to see him honored.