True Love Smolders

elemental love

How may I describe the spreading of Your heat?

How it snakes its way across my reddened cheeks

Forming in my heart– which is truly Yours

Cascading down in moistened droplets from my pores

And radiating outward, warming all it touches

Tempting and attracting many more– and much is

Said about Your perfectly commanding presence

All-consuming, all-commanding purity of essence

My Love, my Lord, my Light, my Life

It is the highest honor to be Your faithful wife

And even ‘fore I knew I would be Your bride

There was no single part of me, from You I could hide

Your joy is my joy, my pain is Your pain

Together we are whole– our affection never wanes

Within the darkest shadow, stretching near and far

We cultivate the growing light– that precious, vibrant star

Of Love, smoldering and hot, a torch for the ages

Past, present, and future too– it joyfully engages

Us within a dance of Truth, which holds us in its thrall

There is no comparison, for our Love rules over all

twin flame souls


 A gift of words for my Beloved.  All glory, always, to the Prince.


6 responses to “True Love Smolders

  1. Alexis Sólveig Freysdóttir

    absolutely stunning!

  2. What amazing words of love and affection for your Lord! Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Iona SilverArrow

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing!