All, and None are Special

I wrote this piece last year (June 14, 2013) addressing issues of concern to me and the Treasury of Apollon at that time. It was a piece written exclusively to appear there, so I didn’t cross-post. But now, I’m feeling a nudge to go ahead and share it here, finally. So, here you go.

Treasury of Apollon

If you have been with the Lord Apollon for some time, after the often initial reaction to flee from His glory, you may find a very different expression of His personality, waiting just below the surface of what you had first encountered.  He waits there with open arms to embrace you, and to entangle you in His gravity, where you will orbit Him like any loyal satellite.

It is often the kindness of our Lord that most surprises those who are new to this face.  But what could rightly come next after the harsh truth of His nature?  After the pursuit, after the tearing of the flesh, did He not seek your surrender?  In giving all of ourselves to our Lord, we make ourselves open to receive His many gifts.  Our Prince is a generous God.  Generously doting, generously affectionate, and has been known to subsume His loves, taking them…

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