Orbital Retinue

This is in payment to Apollon and Camilla, for the oracle I received from her.


Orbital Retinue

Apollon, Light the World, and Beacon of Truth falling through the darkness. We are cradled within Your holy sphere, clinging to the outer reaches of Your love. Caught are we in Your glory, inside Your rapturous embrace.

He whose will enthralls the winding orbits of suns and moons, and planets far from this Earth; behold the spinning dance of life wrought by all beings and forms.

We are awed by the churning waters, and the roiling winds. We are inspired by the creeping mountains, and the sliding sands. As are we revealed by the sparkling snows, and cleansed by the breath of forests.

Earth, the place of our birth is indeed Your birthright, Blessed Lord; and Your law is harmony with life in all phases. None do you forsake, Splendor of Youth, for even the rot has its uses.

You acknowledge what is unrecognizable to us. You see and plan for what we merely glimpse, if that. Your eyes pierce through the awful illumination of the will of Zeus, and guide us with precision upon that harrowing path.

Bright Lord, Shining One, Alight with Fire, radiating warmth across the lands and the seas; may we all be beloved of You, for from within Your retinue excellence proceeds.

By, L. Columbine, 09/07/2014

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  1. Truly beautiful! Thank you, Sister!

  2. Reblogged this on Foxglove & Firmitas and commented:
    Another piece written for Apollon in exchange for oracle. I’m so pleased! Thank you, Columbine!