Suggestions for Aegletia

For anyone who may be celebrating along with us, here are some family friendly suggestions for the Aegletia.

Treasury of Apollon

A few days ago, one of our Sisters asked how we would be observing the Aegletia. I’ll go ahead and put my answers here for everyone. Others, please feel free to answer in the comments, if you wish. These suggestions are only that– suggestions.  How you may celebrate will likely look very different from how I will celebrate, keeping in mind that I and several other Sisters of the Treasury have children to incorporate into the festivities.


Since I still have a lot of household things to do throughout the week of Aegletia, my observances will be in many brief but focused intervals each day. The first day, which is for our purification, I will be preparing khernips with a variety of herbs and sea salt. I will likely sprinkle the khernips throughout the house and over the outdoor altar. I will also put some of the khernips into…

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