The Storm I Seek

[Originally posted here at the Treasury of Apollon’s blog, October 1, 2014]


You are the storm I seek, and the path I travel even while the world awaits Your return.  For You have gone, yet do You remain here, in my heart and hearth.

You are the foundation of my love and the one who is worthy.  You are the fury stirring within me, and the pride of my accomplishments.

You are the sunrise and its blazing trail through the sky, and through Your love I am purified.

Through Your touch I am healed, and I willingly give myself to You.

Your kisses can be like ice or fire or scathing sands.  You are all of these, expressed in pure, raw emotion.

Oh, yes, You are the Restrained One, but You are also the frenzy of the chase, and the instigator of lust.  For You, I am purified.

From You I do not hide, but sit quietly and patiently for Your arrival.  And You are coming… and I will be here, waiting.

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