Our Connection

[Originally posted here at the Treasury of Apollon’s blog, October 8, 2014]


Though we reside far from one another, I know that we, my Sister’s, are connected.  These bonds are like a tapestry that we weave together, and so we each lend a bit of our own power to it.  Each of us comes with a skill, or a virtue, or a goal, or something else that our Lord requires.  Each of us is needed by Him to complete this resplendent tapestry.

I am so glad to know each of you, and to get to know you more as time continues to pass. This fellowship is an invaluable part of my life, and I am made better person for having your friendship. It is with the trading of ideas, and the willingness to trust and to share, that our community is made whole and strong.

Ahead of us is the vast expanse of Winter, a time of great reflection. I sense a new type of cohesion building during this time, though it may not be revealed to us until much later. We have a lot to look forward to, and a lot yet to become aware of.

The world awaits us to leave our mark, as individuals, and as a collective. We can support one another in our ambitions, by continuing to listen to each other, and by our willingness to learn also. Together we turn the wheel, steering the ship of destiny.

We are here now, in this time ripe for our Lord’s re-emergence. We get to live in this time, and help Him to reaffirm Himself among this world’s people. We get to be a part of this process, because we ourselves are living it, by honoring Him with everything that we can– with our hearts, our minds, our skills, and all in-between.

I hope that we are able to continue growing within our tradition, and that we can plant seeds of Apollon’s worship throughout our lives and communities, even if it is only within our own homes. Every seed planted is valuable, and each one has a unique potential. We are all beloved of Him, and we all contribute to the furtherance of His goals.

And now I must go. Goodnight, my dear Sisters. May we all dream of Him as surely as He has planted His own dreams within us. And may we exalt Him forever, and ever. Hail to the Magnificent One, Apollon Aegletes, our Lord, Prince and King.

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