My Prince, Come Charging!

Our Prince!  My Prince!  Come charging through these doors!  Our quiet contemplation is now thoroughly ended!  You who are brightly manifest, You who are the Source, of all that is bright and golden, come!

Dear Prince!  Blessed Prince!  Enter now into these halls!  Their emptiness should be filled by the music of Your presence!  You who deliver the purest notes, You to whom all rhythm clings, move gracefully now through the entrance!

Bold Prince!  Fair Prince! Take command of these structures, these hearts, these minds, these souls!  You who are the cornerstone from which we all are built, You who are the architect of dreams, let us be the clay which Your steady hand shall mould!

Untamed Prince!  Unconquerable Prince!  Show us the ways of Your sight and wisdom!  You who are seated as the Right-hand of Zeus, You who reveal the winding paths of Truth, behold now the reverence which attends You, through these wide open doors!


One response to “My Prince, Come Charging!

  1. Your words are the longings of the lover to their beloved God. Such pain to miss their presence, touch or spiritual union! May this God burst through the doors of your soul & be united with you in ecstasy.