So, I have to share my own oracle answers…

Somewhat related to my previous post, in the sense that the issues the Rumi poem discusses are some of the same issues that have been on my mind for ages– this post is shared at the request of Apollon.  His message to me, He says, could be useful for others if they find themselves facing similar revelations, and or circumstances.

Please do not poke fun at my questions, for this is a personal matter and I have very reluctantly decided to do as He wished.

I asked these questions during tonight’s Oracular Divination session, after all answers were first provided for my querents.


Q:  What am I, my Love, but a shard of Your own heart, wrenched from Your body in grief?  We all mourn when we lose a piece of ourselves.  What am I, but a realization of sorrow?

A1:  “You are My grief made manifest, in the sense that your creation stemmed directly from the loss of one whom I loved desperately.  But I planted you as a seed, not as a direct reflection of the grace of another, and within the seed lay the potential.  If grief causes positive change plus active awareness, then the reason for sorrow is healing.  Your simply being has helped to heal Me.  Now I will heal you.”

A2:  “Those who never feel the ache of loss do not come to know the depth of abundance.  You have had a hard life.  It shows.  I have grieved with you, and I have been there to hold and comfort you in your isolation.  Do not fear Me. I am ever close in your thoughts.”

A3:  “You stood there, torn, unable to escape but unwilling to remain.  I could not tolerate this brokenness.  Look now toward your life with Me, and let the sordid past fall out of your mind, like a river falling over steep cliffs. Embrace what you see with your eyes.  Know what you have always known in your bones.  I am yours, and you are Mine.”


3 responses to “So, I have to share my own oracle answers…

  1. I hope no one pokes fun at you. This is beautiful. Not just what it represents between you and Him, which I agree feels bittersweet, but also the meaning of His words and the hope found within them: that a life born of grief can transform into rich, abundant love — and for the revelation and endurance of that pain, shine all the brighter. Indeed, the pain isn’t the final focus, despite its overwhelming sharpness. It’s the heart that loves with such depth and compassion that it can feel the hollow, stark emptiness that follows the loss of love unto the point of sundering. That you could be created from His grief, first born from His love, shows the depth of His measure to love, and to love with His entire being.

    Thank you for sharing this, despite its private nature.

    As for Rumi, the matter of love, and the reminiscence of Apollon:

    “When pen hasted to write,
    On reaching the subject of love, it split in twain.
    When the discourse touched on the matter of love,
    Pen was broken and paper torn.

    Where is there room in conception for HIS essence,
    So that similitudes of HIM should be conceivable?”

    – Rumi

  2. You’re welcome, and much love to you. <3