Breath of the Seasons

I really was not going to post this here, or anywhere, not because I think it’s bad, but because this is the first time I’ve done this.  Apollon came to me with the idea after I received oracle from Him, via Camilla.  I don’t think He had me do it just so He could hear my voice though.  After all, I speak with Him all the time.  But, I’m seeing it as a wonderful exercise in calm and patience, because recording technology is often finicky.  Also, He Told me to go ahead and stop hiding.  It’s a part of me getting out into the world, I suppose.

So, I foresee more of these vocal offerings coming in the future, and I don’t think they’ll all be in poetic form.  I’m already jotting down ideas for new stories, and meditations, since I haven’t written a short story for this  blog in a while.

And with that, do enjoy this brief (less than two minutes) vocal offering to my Everlasting Prince.  May I please Him in all the ways that I am able, and may He be praised lovingly by the multitudes.  Hail Apollon!

[Image used for the recording is called “Four Seasons”, by Dawn42 on DeviantArt.]


2 responses to “Breath of the Seasons

  1. thank you for this sharing this offering to Apollon. I look forward to more – voice is a wonderful medium…..