From Zeus, to the person who needs to hear it…

Well, this was unexpected.  Here is a message from Zeus, the King, to someone struggling with a major, and very specific, life transition.  May the intended person find this and be comforted, if that is possible.


“For the sweet one standing on the brink of change, I know it looks bleak, but you will survive.  This is not a death sentence, and you are not discarded by Those who love you.  But, now is the time to look forward, the time to look toward your responsibilities to the Court and to the People.  You are not an island, and you may not remain secluded.

“You know what is expected, and have received the proper instruction.  Now must you open yourself to destiny and take up your new position, with grace and fortitude.  It will not be an easy adjustment, but it is necessary.

“You are the cord which binds two Families.  The knot of peace is yours to hold.  So, accept this charge willingly, for you were chosen to be equal in the foundation of a new age.  Remember, that All must do their duty, and that None are exempt.  Face reality with dignity, and do not falter.  This is the will of circumstances beyond your control, but the stability of the transition lies in your hands, alone.”

6 responses to “From Zeus, to the person who needs to hear it…

  1. Thanks, this just might be for me. :)

  2. I stumbled upon this, by what seems like chance. Yet, this resonates with me on a lot of levels.I had a dream regarding Zeus (Jupiter in my dream) and Hekate, around January. Hekate told me that Zeus was not going to descend to Earth and that i had to enter my Uncle’s court. I was told “one to save many, many to save one”.

    Thank you for this message.