Lamenation for L

L is my cousin who is currently on life-support, thousands of miles away. When L’s mother, my aunt, takes her off of life-support this Saturday, those who were able to travel will attend L’s memorial service.  L and I were the best of cousins, and truly the best of friends.  Since I can not attend her memorial service, I have written a Lamentation in honor of her.

Aside from all this, I’m feeling almost relieved and grateful that this sudden turn took hold of L quickly (I learned of her collapse on the 4th), and that she will soon no longer be attached to the body that caused her so much hurt.  I will always be thankful that she lived into her thirties, enriching my life and the lives of everyone around her, because we’ve come close to this point many times as we were growing up.  I will miss everything about L, especially her smile and her laughter.  I think I spent a few hours this morning just remembering the sound of her laughter…


You were my first true friend

As children, we ran with the dogs

Laughing and playing

Truly, you were the greatest friend

My cousin

O, humorous one


You were the kindest among us

In your innocence

I will remember you

O, radiant one

Who dwelled in beauty

For all of your days


With eyes that could not see


4 responses to “Lamenation for L

  1. What a sweet, beautiful poem in commemoration. <3 Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm so sorry for the loss of your cousin. She sounds like an amazing person. Peace and love to you, and your family, during this time.

  2. I’m sorry for your loss, sister. Your words were beautiful. <3 May she and you both be at ease. Hail to her!

  3. Thank you for sharing her with us. Blessings on you all.