Words From Apollon, For the Dying

[This was channeled and written quite a while ago for reasons, though Apollon told me to hold off on it until now.  I actually wasn’t going to post this at all, also for reasons.]


“For the one who lays upon the deathbed. I know how your breath is labored, and how the feel of air over your chest is now like the hand of a moonless night, sapping away life’s heat. I know how the sound of blood flowing– that sound only you can hear– is your comfort, perpetually proving that life continues. I know how you long for these moments of lucidity to last, though they come only in shortening intervals.

“I know how the delicate path of a single tear from your far-off eyes can delight you, briefly, as it tickles a shining trail across your cheek. I know your memories, for they are also My memories, and in them I see the pain of regret stinging you in all the places you had anticipated.

“This is the end of a path that was not without consequence, or decision– but I am here. I know the song in your heart. The one that swirls your thoughts to its rhythms, and beats like a drum upon the wall that separates life from death. I am here, in the rhythms with you, and I know the peace you have longed for, secretly, in your dreams.

“Now, dream once more to the sounds of life lived around you. Whispers delivered in sheaths of pity, and sobs well rehearsed upon the inevitable. This is no longer your time. Let them have their pity and their sobbing rites, for you, in all of your pure nakedness, are Mine, now and forever.”

8 responses to “Words From Apollon, For the Dying

  1. I know that words carry energy, having written enough poetry during incredible and rare times of initiation, only to revisit them and feel those same energies. I had an experience today with this post where reading the last lines caused a God-bolt of energy to strike, and a minute of hyperventilating. I praise those who post and share their experiences and messages from the Gods for this very reason – I do not think that you know the positive impact that you have by doing so. Today I am suffering from a total melt down last night from what I can best describe severe brain fatigue. This post was one of several powerful gifts I was given today to help me heal, backup and regroup. Thank You Columbine and thank you Lord Apollon.

    • You are welcome, and thank you for letting me know that this helped you. It’s important for me to be reminded sometimes that I am making a positive difference in the lives and well-being of others, when possible. I truly appreciate this.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, although I imagine it’s something quite personal to you and difficult to put out there.

    It’s beautifully peaceful, and powerfully wrenching. I experienced a period of breathless emotions after I read it, and I had to leave the room for a while before I could compose myself.

    To those whom He loves like this, I would consider them blessed. And to Apollon Himself, He is blessed to have such precious people in His arms.

    • It is a powerful statement, and I remember being very emotional when it was written, although it was not personal to my relationship with Him. I sometimes relay messages for others. This was one such instance, and originally, it was supposed to go into Camilla’s Beloved Dead devotional, but Apollon asked me to post it here, today.

      • Thank you to both of your for sharing it. It’s beautiful, and I hope it brought comfort to the person meant for it at the time. <3

        Is it still going in Camilla's devotional, as well?

      • I don’t know, but she is more than welcome to use it. :)

  3. The last few lines strike a cord with me as well, the idea of baring oneself is at the core of a piece I wrote a few months ago. I need to go ahead and post it.