Nightly Ritual of Reflection


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I have designed this ritual as one means for devotees of Apollon to assess their behavior and responses to that which they may not understand or appreciate throughout the course of a day. If you would like to alter some of your ingrained responses, this ritual may be able to help.

Firstly, you will conduct the ritual as more of a conversation with Apollon. Yes, there will be the usual propitiation and other traditional elements, but there will be a lot of just talking to Him about your day, as well.

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3 responses to “Nightly Ritual of Reflection

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    This is a great idea for a ritual with/for Apollon on a regular basis.
    Please support Columbine, her work is awesome!

  2. I adore this. Coming from the Catholic background, the idea of betterment of oneself through confession and self-examination is extremely important to me. For some odd reason I never thought to appeal to Apollon’s purification aspect, even though it’s His standards I hope to live up to. Thank you so much for this idea!! I will be implementing it constantly, I’m sure. :)