End of Spiritual Services

If there is a pattern going around, it’s completely coincidental, but I have to make this announcement now, before the next scheduled session. I am cancelling all remaining Divination for the year, as well as cancelling Intercession over the Winter. This decision is indefinite, meaning that I will not promise to offer them again, ever.  The decision comes not due to any slight or wrongdoing, but because the Gods have thrust my life in an entirely different direction now.

As for my health, it is the number one factor in finally setting spiritual work for the larger community aside.  I do have Spiritwork Jobs, but those jobs have never had anything to do with the Pagan community.

After that first year, when I’d met Apollon’s original goal, I did not have to continue.  Every single divination done after that was offered out of the kindness of my heart, and mine alone.  The Intercession that I have been offering per Zeus’ request, was offered to the human community, again, as a kindness from myself. Never has Zeus stipulated that I needed to offer this service to anyone other than the spirits of my Court and Other realms.  The only true obligation I have to any human spiritual community, is to my Treasury Sisters.

Now that I am forced to take inventory of my life in anticipation of a new arrival, I see that I’ve allowed the human community to siphon off precious time and attention from my real responsibilities.  But that shall no longer be the case, because I’ve had time to reflect and to remember where the core of my relationship with Apollon, and the Other Gods, lies.

From the beginning, in every life I ever lived with Him (that I have memory of), my highest priority was keeping myself safe, sane and stable.  It isn’t about the Other Things I can do for Him, because if w/We’re honest about what I’m supposed to be Doing, it isn’t all meant for Him.  We have a large Family, and Zeus said to me: “Increase the honor of your Family.”  Not “Increase the honor of Apollon.”

And since my Family is paramount, I’m going to spend the next years focusing on o/Our expected baby, and raising two spiritually aware Hellenic Polytheists, in tandem with strengthening the bonds of my Court.

So, this blog with remain open, and I will continue to share my Work or opinions with my readership as the mood arises, but I will no longer offer Spiritual Services of any kind, including paid divination.

And lastly, I have to give credit to Jolene Poseidonae for the inspiration to visually prioritize the relationships in my life, which led to the realization that, yes, I work for spirits, not humans.


4 responses to “End of Spiritual Services

  1. Reblogged this on Gods of Old and commented:
    I’m always so happy when people post that they’re decided to work on their own health and stability. <3

  2. Thank you very much for all the divination you have offered me. I hope you enjoy whatever adventures comes your way next!

  3. Jolene Poseidonae

    I’m so glad to hear that little post was helpful to you. Poseidon insisted I share it. “What good will it possibly do others? It’s so tailored to *me*.” But he pointed out that it cost me nothing to share it, that it has helped me tremendously, and that it might help others. We are so, so trained to serve others, often to our detriment, and that pursuing our lives for ourselves is selfish. To which I always say, fuck yes, but then it’s MY LIFE, it should be selfish. And, we can’t really help others if all our energy is going into keeping us going forward when we want to or need to curl up and rest.

    Er. I have opinions on this topic. Clearly. Anyway, all this to say YAY for you! :)

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