Today’s Unsolicited Oracular Message

So, this is from Apollon, for whomever it’s for.  Don’t ask me.  I’m putting it out there so it can possibly reach those it’s meant for, and to be done with it.  I have lots of other, pressing stuff to be doing right now.  Once again, this is not directed at anyone I know, or know of, in particular.


The Deathless Gods owe you nothing

And like all beasts walking upon the Earth

You are expected to earn your keep

What kills or claims or eats survives

Where on the face of Gaea is this not true?

The ocean churns at this instant with a billion deaths

The land, a billion more

You are not the only ones dying

And are responsible for less than you want to believe

There are few things given freely

All else is taken and held


At the cost of one’s life

The Earth is given for you to roam on solid ground

The air, for you to breathe

The sun, as light and warmth

The moon, for the calculation of time and more

You creatures may not demand more than your fellows upon this Earth

Yet you ask for so much special treatment

As if you were the pinnacle

But did you know, the panther has achieved Apotheosis?

Have you heard of the hare’s ascent?


The human hears and values only human truths

When will you stop and listen to the others?


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