Sunweaver’s Aegletia Ritual

The Aegletia is fast approaching, and to get started, the Treasury shares the ritual format for the Nine Illuminations.

Treasury of Apollon

Here is the ritual format followed by many of the Treasury’s Sisters last year, shared for all who may wish to celebrate with us this time. The Aegletia begins October 1st, and ends October 9th.

Sunweaver’s Aegletia Ritual, with contributions by Columbine

[First Night]

Hestia, who tends the holy house of Lord Apollon, the Far-Shooter of Pytho, welcome to this house. May this place be made holy, as were the temples of old, with our work and your love.

Blessed are the Gods of Olympos, Immortal Twelve, who have brought us to this moment. May our joy sustain us through the coming season.

[Every Night]


Blessed are You, Apollon, light of this world


May we be kept within Your reach
Always striving to seek what is right
And what is good among all life situations


Blessed are You, Apollon, gleaming in the distance


May Your trail…

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