What Kind of Queen Am I?

Someone recently communicated to me: “You’re not a queen because you say you’re married to Apollo and he isn’t a king.  You can’t be one anyway because nobody cares about you.”

Wow with the assumptions in those statement.  Number one, Apollon is not the King of Olympos, Zeus is.  Zeus is the High King, but all of the Olympians are Kings and Queens in Their own right.  So, Yes, Apollon is a King.  He is King of Hyperborea, for starters, along with several other realms.  You wouldn’t say Poseidon isn’t a King, or that Hades isn’t a King, would you?  Or maybe you would, and maybe I need to get out of the way because that’s sure to cause some friction.

Anyway, Yes, Apollon is a King, and I am a Queen.  But guess what?  I am not a Queen by virtue of my marriage to Apollon, sacred though it is.  I was born a Queen, because I am Sovereign.  I rule my Court and my Territories because they are mine.  My work with my spirits is my own work.  Apollon is here to support me if I need Him– just as I am for Him, but He has His own duties, and those duties often separate u/Us by time and distance.  w/We are two Sovereign persons in a married relationship because we, 1) are in love, and 2) o/Our Father arranged u/Us.

Yes.  My marriage to Apollon was arranged.  He certainly made it known that I was His desire, but it never would have happened if Zeus hadn’t not only consented, but wanted us paired together from the beginning, for His reasons. I am Zeus’ daughter before I am anything else.  My Territories are subordinate to Zeus and Hera, and only Them.  Apollon can’t tell me how to run my Court, and He doesn’t try.  Just like I don’t tell Him how to run His affairs.

Does this sound unusual?  It might be, but I doubt it.  Those of us who are born to Divine Families are often the product of generations worth of negotiations between Them and Other families.  In my case, an extinct clan of Dragons claims me as their Heiress, their Queen, their Divine Mother reborn. I am who I am.

Of course, that means I was a Queen already at the age of thirteen when I first began interacting with many of the spirits who make up my Court.  (Those who know me off the internet will remember the knives and dragons hanging on my wall as a teen.  Those were all inhabited by dragon spirits.  They will also recall *that* dragon dream I told everybody about.  Spooky-woo comes true, you guys.)  It means I was a Queen already when I was a Wiccan trying to navigate the Wiccan assumption (popular at the time) that only a woman of a certain age could be a Queen, because it was thought to be a purely biological process, leading to eventual Croning.

Thankfully, I never allowed that to deter me.  I even confessed to a so-called ‘bestfriend’ who acted like they sincerely cared, but when I told them I was a Queen after they prompted me to, the silence was deafening.  They might as well have just said “Yeah right,” and patted me on my daft little head. It was at that moment that I decided to say fuck it, and I started this blog, formerly called Queen Without A Court, because, even if I was ready to claim the title and the work, I was still in denial about having my own subjects.

And who are my subjects?  I used to say, mostly dead humans and dead dragons with a small number of nature and other spirits, and one Deity-level Being who shall remain nameless.  Now there is a considerably greater number of living dragons, so now my subjects are mostly dragons living in Other realms.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.  My people desire tranquility and the freedom of making a living beyond all else, so while I do know where several of my Territories are, there will be no locations given (and no guarantee that I could even describe locations in any way you could interpret), so please do not ask.

So, in answer to the question, “What kind of Queen am I?”  I’m Columbine, a Dragon/spirit Queen who claims no authority over living humans or a/Anyone or anything outside of my very specific jurisdiction.  Anyone claiming that I’ve ever said otherwise is smoking something, and it’s not the good shit.

Until next time, friends.

7 responses to “What Kind of Queen Am I?

  1. “You’re not a queen because you say you’re married to Apollo and he isn’t a king. You can’t be one anyway because nobody cares about you.”

    What in the actual fuck?

    I find this especially amusing given that my Fae court was given to me for being Frey’s daughter, and yes, Loki is my King – but I had to ask Him if He even wanted the job. He did, and He even squeed over like I’d proposed to Him. But my point is that I could have elected to pull an Elizabeth Tudor and had no king at all if I’d wanted to – I wanted Loki as a King because He’s a keen observer of character and behavior.


    • Apollon and I tried that out, Him being their King. It didn’t work. They never really wanted a King. Traditionally, they are bound to serve a Queen only and our Clan has never had a King, so that arrangement never sat well. Apollon and I have found that keeping our respective business separate helps us to focus on what we’ve always wanted to focus on, which is each other, as Husband and wife.

  2. I would also point out that numerous ancient resources called Apollon king more than most other gods, aside from Zeus. He is addressed as a king in the Iliad for cripes sake. I mostly have nymphs and local land and animalistic spirits that tend to cling to me. I shy away from using Queen because there is still that level of wibbly wobbliness on my part for titles and such that I am not sure are my right even if there are a number of spirits I serve in various ways up here. All the same it is not something for anyone else to judge and certainly isn’t determined by a popularity contest among people of no significance to your spiritual practices

  3. “You can’t be one anyway because nobody cares about you.”

    …really?! I’m a little confused as to how someone so obviously self absorbed managed to send you that message, given that their head is so far up their own arse that surely their voice must be muffled beyond the point of hearing.

  4. Jolene Poseidonae

    I’ve actually tried to convince myself that Poseidon never was seen of as a king . . . yeah. His rebuttal was always this mix of confusion and amusement. I’m 100% on board with Him being a GOD but, something like a king? Noooooo . . . .

    i’m so over people trying to grant or withhold validation of some one else’s path in any from whatsoever. YAY for you.