Manifestations: Interdimensional Deities

Today, I want to talk about the vastness of Deities, Their great Wholeness, and the multitudes of smaller versions of Themselves that we interact with in our spiritual and religious lives.

Is it possible for us, as human beings, with our limitations and our finite ability to comprehend Their True Natures, to know and experience Them on the levels in which They might be considered Whole?  I don’t believe it is.  I believe that the Gods show Themselves in the ways that we can understand Them.  I believe that those ways are different for each individual human whom They interact with, though aspects of that interaction may be similar in a number of Their relationships.  But they are never identical, perhaps because we each process information and stimuli according to our own physiology and mental make-up.

I also believe that the Other Worlds are populated with these overlapping versions of the Gods, in an infinite array of aspects woven together to form the living tapestry of the Kosmos.  Who is to say that my Apollon and someone else’s Apollon are not the “real” Apollon?  Why can They not both be the “real” Apollon?  Do we not accept the possibility (or reality, as the case may be) of many Worlds outside our own?  And if we do accept this possibility, does it stand to reason that some of those Worlds might be parallel dimensions, in which much is familiar, but much also has occurred, or is expressed, quite differently than what we know (or think we know)?  And in one of those parallel dimensions, might there be an Apollon whom expresses His personality in ways that are foreign or little-known to most of His devotees in this world?

I sometimes like to imagine Deities functioning in the way of nesting dolls, the largest doll being one version (in one dimension), and each subsequently smaller doll being other versions (in other dimensions) of the God in question.  However, only when the dolls are all nested together is there found the Whole expression of a Deity.  And we may not truly comprehend this Whole expression because, when the dolls are nested together, all we are able to see is the largest one.  The others remain hidden to us.

It may also be possible that there are other dolls which we know nothing about, because they are not nested within the version of a Deity that we understand. Perhaps there are larger, or smaller dolls, which we as individuals have never interacted with.  Perhaps Judy from down the street knows the intricacies of a version of Apollon of which Harold is unaware.  Perhaps Judy’s Apollon has revealed a path to her that Harold’s Apollon has also revealed to him.  Or perhaps their revealed paths are so drastically different as to effectively cancel out each other’s understanding of the God.  Does that invalidate one or both of their paths?  Do strangers (or friends, for that matter) need to corroborate their spiritual experiences in order to know they are valid?

No.  They do not.  Because no matter what anyone knows about the version of a Deity they’ve been interacting with, they simply can not apply that knowledge to all other versions of the Deity, across the board.  Because they do not know all versions of the Deity.  And honestly, anyone who makes sweeping statements about the personalities or interests of the Gods in regard to other people who are not themselves, is likely a tad narcissistic.

Is it their belief that a Deity would treat all of Their relationships in the exact same manner?  Do even humans not compartmentalize aspects of themselves in relation to the people in their lives?  Do I talk to my best friend the same way I talk to my child?  Absolutely not.  And why would I?  Why would anyone expect Apollon, or any other God, to behave in less complex of a way than we behave with one another?  And aside from how we are treated in out relationships with Them, what makes someone think two or more separate humans can not serve the same purpose to a Deity?  And if we are all dealing with different versions of the Gods (perhaps even from different dimensions), how much sense would it make for a single human individual to be considered “the one anything” to any God?  The answer is, it doesn’t.

The Kosmos is simply too large, and the Gods too vast, for any of us to lay sole claim to any part of Their machinations.  We don’t all have to understand every part of every plan, action or occasion in our dealings with the Gods.  If we did, maybe we’d be Gods.  But we’re human, and no matter what we might think we know, we all have some things yet to learn.  Thankfully, our Deities never run out of lessons to teach us, especially about Themselves.


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  1. I concur. This is an argument that I’ve been trying to make for years when the discussion pops up. It is refreshing and delightful to see another who takes the same perspective. :)