Just One Thing…

There are a few wonderful posts making the rounds today, written by people whom I greatly respect, about things which I vehemently agree. You should read those posts.  Normally, I would link them here, because really, I couldn’t say it any better than it’s already been said, but I’m not at a computer right now.  So, instead I’ll say what’s been floating in my mind as a result of reading these posts, myself.

First, whatever it is you do with or for your Gods, is between Them and you.  Even and especially the things you’ve found no Lore or histostorical precedent for.  You don’t need an ancient precedent to tell you that a particular way of relating to Them, or that a new kind of offering or practice is acceptable.  Now and always, trust yourself, and trust that your Gods know what’s best between you.  It’s nobody’s business but your own, whether or not you’ve chosen to share your practices with others, publicly.

And even though you don’t need anyone from the past or present to legitimize your practices, don’t but surprised if time reveals that at least some of your revelations were indeed done, thought or acknowledged before.  It has certainly happened to me.

But really, even if that never happens, please know that if it feeds your soul, and feeds your relationship with the Gods in your life, it is true, it is right, and it is legitimate.  Your practice is yours.  Other people might not like it, or agree with it, and they might even tell you so, or attempt to push you out of your religion with absolutist rhetoric, but they do not speak for the Gods.  They only speak for themselves, and/or any groups they represent.  They don’t speak for me, and they don’t speak for you.

It’s okay to learn about how they do things or to incorporate their ideas into your practice, if you truly agree.  But if doing so means that you must reject wholesome experiences that you’ve previously had, or anything else simply because they don’t like it, then it’s time to decide if having their approval is worth sacrificing your religious sovereignty, and your personal integrity.  If it isn’t worth it, walk away, or read something else, as the case may be.

4 responses to “Just One Thing…

  1. Perfect timing. I was just asking myself a related question, and seeing this post pop up in my blog roll no more than ten seconds later felt more than a little suitable. So thank you!

    What I was pondering just as I found this relates to my understanding of Nótt. More specifically I was contemplating if I’m “right” about something that came to me during meditation, if anyone else possibly has encountered the same and if I dare count it as true. You wrote… basically what I myself would say, but somehow I didn’t dare trust it when push comes to shove.

    Now, I think I dare trust it. So thank you!

  2. I needed to hear this more then I realized. Thanks. <3