The Temporary Shrine

Short prayer to Apollon at my temporary shrine. I am speaking, but it’s windy and the ceiling fans are on, so you won’t be able to hear me.

I am once again in a state of transition, having returned to Texas.  For now, I reside in the place that is the seat of my Queenship duties on Earth, and have been able to recharge and reconnect with the Land, and with the majority of my spirits.

I can’t yet have a permanent shrine to the Prince, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have something.  It’s important for me to be able to continue my worship of Him, no matter where I am.  So I praise Him as often as possible, with shrines of various configurations.  This is the latest incarnation of the temporary shrine.

IMG_20160828_125110 IMG_20160828_125206


IMG_20160829_113721 IMG_20160829_113747


3 responses to “The Temporary Shrine

  1. Very nice shrine! Living in an rv it’s not easy to find a flat surface you can use, because every flat surface is needed for something. I use the table between my two easy chairs at the back of the fiver for a shrine. Adapting is the name of the game.

    • It sure is! Being adaptable is something I’ve learned over the last year and a half out of necessity. The surface I’m using in this shrine is actually a sheetmusic stand, turned down and locked in place. The cloth is one of my nicest headscarves, and the trinkets are small things I am able to travel with that have appeared on many of my shrines for Apollon in the past. The jaw bone was found by my daughter years ago. I believe it is a javelina jaw bone, a type of wild pig from this area. It holds the stick incense because I don’t have a holder for it, but works quite well. The beaded items on the candle, with the exception of one, are amulets I made for Apollon last year when I was trying to build inventory for my shop. I’ve had some setbacks, but eventually plan to pursue it further, once I’m settled. I enjoy making shrines for Him, and even though this one is simple, it carries my love, and that’s what matters.

      • it’s true – from what I’ve seen – that it’s not the cost but the consideration that goes into an offering that matters. They know we aren’t all rich, and most of us live from paycheck to paycheck, and they aren’t going to ask the impossible. Or even the improbable, for the most part. I’ve got the basics – a pendulum for Nammu, one for Loki (my husband’s), a dragon carved in wood, a saucer to catch the ash and an incense holder that is nothing but a candle holder made of a stone and filled with beach sand. We move from job to job so I have to pack up the shrine every few months and it has to be easy to disassemble and reassemble. No complaints yet – except for one from Loki, who doesn’t like to share and doesn’t get along with Bast (I won’t repeat what he said – he can be pretty earthy at times). Guess he can deal better with dragons. Do you live in a Class A or a fifth wheel?