The Hands of the Gods Touch Others, Through You


When we are called by our Gods, oftentimes our first instinct is to run, to flee from Them and Their immensity.  Sometimes we get far, other times not.  Sometimes we spend years hiding for fear of being touched. Right now, as I type this, Apollon is within me, and I ride the current of His inspiration.  His power is pervasive.  I feel it in my skin, and in my breath.  It compels me to do many things, to take many actions in this life of mine that perhaps I would not take, otherwise.  To be a distributor of His word is one of them.

Oh, I would love Him still, would honor Him still, even without this power coursing through me, for I have loved and honored Him in times when this power was absent.  I know, truly and fully, that my life would be made easier without this constant flow of Himself into me. But He is here, within, commanding that I speak His thoughts, and sometimes His words, for others to know.

Even now, after having become His in all possible ways, I sometimes run. I sometimes make walls between Himself and I.  Apollon annihilates those walls.  There is no barrier that He will not destroy for the sake of knowing that I am His– to hold and to touch, and to command.  And in return for my willingness to let Him lead, I receive His boundless love, and His unfettered devotion.

To be touched by a God is to form a reciprocal link with Them.  It is to house Their power, and Their thought, and Their smiles and laughter and pain and frustration, also.  It is to see inside Them, to learn from Their mistakes, and to know Them in many intimate ways.

They will know you also.  They will explore your fantasies and your desires, and They will hold onto your secrets and your hidden emotions.  To be touched is to be as one, and to be at home within the halls of Another, as They make a home within you.

And there will be moments when They will ask that you open those halls, both Theirs and yours, to others.  Sometimes these will be other Gods, and sometimes they will be human, or spirit– but open the halls you will.  By Their insistence, you will open the halls to allow others to partake in your knowing of Them.  You will teach by example, and sometimes through direct instruction.  But know that though you may be a teacher, it is the God who shall lead the way.  Through you, They will touch others.

You may not even always mean to act in such a capacity.  For you, the sharing of Their touch may be completely accidental.  In such times, you may begin to fear your own mark upon the world, even if restricted by choice or necessity to a small sphere of influence.  Actions which you have taken may echo across vast distances and leave traces in the most unexpected quarters.  This may cause you to feel that the consequences of your intent are beyond your control.  They are. Though we may fear being a vehicle for Their touch, we must not allow the fear to dictate our actions.

Every action that we commit has the potential to be a holy one.  Every word that we speak can cause a hundred hearts to melt into Divine hands.  Compassionate words and gentle assistance will bring seekers into the fold of the Gods we love and serve.  It is not up to us whether this happens, but as vehicles of our Divine Beloveds, we should try to be aware of its potential.

To be touched is to emit Their power in all that we do and are.  So, we must be careful.  So, we must be wary.  Yet also must we be receptive to the needs of our Beloveds, and of those whom They would approach. Because sometimes, we will be the bridges over which They will traverse, in order to grasp the hand of another.  And because we are touched,  we will feel all the closer to Them, as They extend Their power, and Their embraces forward.


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  1. Great post, Laurel! Very relevant to some things I’m going through right now. You always write so beautifully.

  2. Particularly relevant to some stuff going on for me right now. Thanks for sharing. <3