October Hiatus

My dear readers, if any of you have been paying attention, both here and over at the Treasury of Apollon and elsewhere, I’m sure you are aware of the frenzied pace I’ve been keeping since around the middle of August, and maybe even before then.

September and early October are always busy, religiously focused times for me, and with the addition of August this year has made for a very, very tired Columbine.  So, now that the Aegletia has been celebrated, I am going on an brief hiatus.

You might call it more of an inward retreat, since I will have some personal spiritual things to settle into.  This time will also, of course, be very much about resting and regrouping, before I return here sometime in November.  Although, you shouldn’t hold it against me if I don’t return until December (except of course to let you all know if I have accepted Apollon’s request for the reopening of Intercessory Services for the Winter, which will come in early November).  It really depends on whether or not I am more exhausted than I think I am.

So there it is.  I love you all.  Have a nice next few weeks, or more.

Until I see you again,

~ Columbine


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