Something New

I’m trying something new at the close of this year.  It’s no secret that the simple act of living has been a horrible ordeal for me and my child(ren) these last several years.  If it’s not one thing it’s another. However, throughout all of this, we have had the constant presence of the Gods, especially Apollon, Lord of our household, holding us together.  It hasn’t been easy to keep up with devotion when things seem to be falling apart nearly all the time, but in those quiet, even if still stressful moments, I could feel Them, and Their encouragement.  It is by Their grace that we have survived, and by Their will that we continue on.

That is why, for the final month of the Treasury’s year, Hyperboraios, I will be implementing a regimen of ritual gratitude, for all of those specific blessings and circumstances that have led us to the point at which we are.  Right now, nothing is perfect, and everything hangs precariously, but there is the potential for lasting security and happiness for our family.  It is the Gods who have made this possible, and I intend to thank Them every day of this coming month (and for many days after).

Each day, from November 30 to December 29, I will name a specific thing that I am grateful for– one specific reason that my children and I are still here, able to pursue our lives.  Not all of them were grand, but they were all certainly impactful in the scope of our lives.  This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but struggled to formulate the concept.  Now that I finally am able to, I’m taking it as a sign that this is the time to begin.  And what better time than the closing of a year and the start of another?

I’m not promising that any of it will reach this blog, though.  Most of these things are entirely private, plus, I don’t have an internet connection every day.  I also find myself moving away from revealing so much of my practice.  This decision keeps me grounded in the reality of my worship, the reality of standing before my shrines and paying homage to the Powers in my life.  To express my gratitude to my Family is a powerful thing, which doesn’t need to be witnessed outside of our household.  I share my intention with you, dear readers, because I find it a bit like sharing love or beauty, and Gods know there’s never enough love and beauty to go around.  Perhaps you will be inspired in a similar direction.  Perhaps you will be inspired toward something totally unique.  Either way, I’m feeling the love.  I hope you can feel it, too.


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