Divination is Happening!

After a good long break of about a year and a half, I am once again offering paid divination, via the Tarot.  There were unforseen car maintenance issues which drained funds that were allotted for rent, and now I have to make it up fast.  There are also other happenings and surprises that I am not ready to talk about, but the more I earn divining, the faster I can make the necessary arrangements, which will lead to me revealing my secrets!  So, if you need a reading, look no further.  And if you’re simply curious, tell your friends and help me meet my goals!

My 13 card reading, which takes an average of two hours of concentration, is valued at $50 USD.  This is the spread I am offering right now.  Others will come later.


Please email your ONE question to LaurelColumbine(at)gmail(dot)com, with the header “13 Card Tarot”, along with your preferred name and the name that shows up in PayPal (this is especially important for me to properly identify you), upon initiating payment.  Please allow up to a week (7 days) for receipt of your results.

And if you are someone who has received my services in the past, put out the good word for me, if you please!  I need to pay my rent!  And I really want to tell you what else is going on, but I can’t do that until my finances are stable!

Thank you to everyone in advance!


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    Laurel is a diviner par excellance and has answered with stunning accuracy and insight many of my questions in the past!

  2. Just purchased – can’t wait! Best of luck Laurel.