Divinatory Services Page

My Divinatory Services page is up, and there you will find all of the information needed to order one of several Tarot or Pendulum options. This is a permanent page, and I will be available for all of these readings, year round, unless I decide otherwise.

But of course, since most would prefer not to click a link to get to another page, I have included all of the relevant information in this post, as well.

Thank you so much in advance to any who seek my services.

To order a Tarot or Pendulum reading, please click on the Buy Now link for the one you want, and after payment, email your ONE inquiry (per reading) to LaurelColumbine(at)gmail(dot)com. With your inquiry, please include the title(s) of your reading(s), and your preferred name, along with the name that shows up via PayPal, so that I may properly identify you.

Please allow for one week (7 days), before receipt of your results.

Insights & Solutions Reading (13 Cards) – Helps with getting to the root of an issue, and determining a forward course. — $50 USD

Black-Buy-ButtonInsights & Solutions

Thirteen Moons Reading (13 Cards) – A look into the future, thirteen Lunar Months ahead. — $50 USD

Black-Buy-ButtonThirteen Moons

Freestyle Reading (7 Cards) – For when you don’t have a specific question, and would just like to know what the Cards have to say. — $25 USD


Past/Present/Future Reading (3 Cards) – A quick look into your current situation, how it formed, and where it leads. — $12 USD


Yes/No Pendulum Reading – A yes or no answer to a yes or no question. — $5 USD

Black-Buy-ButtonYes/No Pendulum


3 responses to “Divinatory Services Page

  1. re: the Freestyle reading. Is it possible to come to that reading with a question? While I do know that your services are good and when I can afford the Insights and Solutions reading, I will be happy to do so but there may be some days where the Freestyle option would be easier for me. Thanks!

    • Absolutely! I have another seven card spread that is good for specific questions, so sure. Just use the Freestyle link. I appreciate you considering my services very much. Thank you.

      • You’re welcome. :)

        Oh great! Ok sure! I’ll definitely keep you in mind for when I need a reading. It would probably be good for me to check in with the gods soon.