Shrine Etiquette & Information

First Treasury Shrine of Apollon

With the public opening of the shrine a few months away, I thought I would go ahead a lay down some guidelines for what is acceptable when visiting in person.


The first thing, is for all visitors to be respectful of the space.  Keep your voices low, and do not handle objects on the shrine, unless the Shrine Keeper has informed you that it is acceptable.

Certain offerings will be provided for you, such as stick incense for the incense dish, and olive oil and water to pour over the Agyieus Stone.  You may bring your own incense for offering, along with your own drink offerings which you may pour into another dish provided for that purpose.  Drink offerings that you bring are not to be poured over the Agyieus Stone.

Flowers, or other small trinkets or gifts you may wish to present to Apollon are also welcomed.  All…

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2 responses to “Shrine Etiquette & Information

  1. I’m not one of his people, but it’s still amazing and awesome to me that a shrine to Apollon is opening in the US. Well done, congratulations, and best wishes for the future of the shrine!

    • Thank you! I’m so excited and happy that it’s finally happening for Him. It’s going to be a small space, but it’s a start. And if it’s well received locally, it becomes the first step toward a temple.