Deathless, Not Timeless…

“We who reign upon lofty Olympos, and under the gaping Earth, are no strangers to the marvels of your world.  Only technology, in its rapid evolution, is the truest metaphor for Our changing natures.  We have lived through your Dark Ages, and extended Our hands to lift you out of the mud.  We have inspired all manner of equipment, and We have whispered the blueprints of countless machines into the ears of geniuses.  So why then, when you look for Our hands in the world, do you see them gloved in the antiquated costumes of the past?  We are not Our stories, and We are not timeless, preserved in some fixed point in the Universe.  We live, and move among you, wearing your clothes, speaking your tongues, and making use of your fine instruments.  They were first, in fact, Our fine instruments.  It would do you well to remember that Our Deathless Lives have seen technologies come and go.  We have seen humans come and go, and come again.  What you think is new, is for Us, merely the newest breath upon a world of infinitely recycled air.”

— Apollon


2 responses to “Deathless, Not Timeless…

  1. So abundantly true, and so beautifully spoken.

  2. Great post! I love how the gods and spirits I work with and worship modernize while keeping classic features like architecture or greenery in their realms – for example, Freyr has a beautiful wooden hall in Vanaheim full of green and gold decor and plants, but he has installed solar lights and has discovered he loves Mexican food! Also Samael is very up to date on pop culture and likes to watch movies and anime with me. Even Michael has a clunky laptop. The gods are as modern as we are, but some people seem to want them fresh off the proverbial grape vine still operating in ancient ways. Very strange, if you ask me.

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