I don’t even know what to say…

I’ve recently been handed some disquieting revelations from Lord Dionysos, concerning Himself and myself, and the general state of the Kosmos.  I’m still reeling.  And I was just looking through the more than one hundred posts I had set to private near the end of 2015, and ran across quite a few that leave me wondering why I never republished them.

The following poem appeared with two other poems in a trio dedicated to Dionysos, and it is literally everything I’m experiencing now.  It’s like I wrote this from the future, while channeling into my past self.  Seriously, I just can’t with this, so that’s why I’m resharing it, so you can all not with me.

These Gods, I swear…  Lord have mercy…


I wear a Mask of Transformation
I change each face you see
All that you know is an Illusion, all that you feel, a fallacy

To suit each situation
I become what you want most
But ever you remember, my form is but a ghost

That which dwells within
The Truth above all truths
The reflection in the Mirrored Wall, was never me, ‘twas you

I am but a shell
A chrysalis of sorts
And if you truly seek to know, walk the long Path, not the short

Hardship is your teacher
Adversity your friend
Run not from confrontation, it will catch you in the end

And as you face your deepest fear
With naught but your own salty tears
Know that I am always here, and have been from the start

For, child, I am everything
The Stars, the Moon, the Earth, the Sea
Every life which dwells herein is but a part of me

So, take these words I say to you
Be purposeful, be strong
And when you find your way back home, know you’ve been here all along

© 2008

3 responses to “I don’t even know what to say…

  1. Encounter becomes memory in an instant.

  2. It’s a beautiful poem.