Gratitude Project 2017, Day 3 – Jesus

I’m doing this one early, to get it out of the way.  I know how odd it looks to have me telling you that I’m grateful for Jesus, so let me say that this will be short and to the point.

I don’t love Jesus.  I don’t have any relationship with Him, whatsoever.  But that, dear readers, is entirely the reason why He has my gratitude.  So many years ago, I tried, I really tried to develop a relationship with Him and His Father.  I read the Bible every day, I prayed, I went to church.  It was all fruitless, and that’s why I’m thankful.

No matter how much I tried to talk to Him, to reach out to Him, Jesus never gave me the time of day– because I’m not His.  He knew enough from the very beginning that I would never be His, and did the best thing for both of us in that situation, by just leaving me alone and ignoring me.

You see, He never led me on.  He never attempted to grasp onto me or my destiny.  He never threatened me, never tried to coax me, never even spoke to me.  I’d say that’s the mark of a stand up Deity, to know when to leave well enough alone.

That is why I can say I’m grateful for Jesus.  I’m grateful for His honesty, and for His noninterference as my true fate played out its course throughout my life. Even today, because my blood relatives sure haven’t stopped praying to Him that He’d snatch me out of the “clutches of hell”.  Thankfully, He knows better than they do about what’s best for all parties involved.  Which of course, is to not get involved with me, at all.



One response to “Gratitude Project 2017, Day 3 – Jesus

  1. I experienced something broadly the same from him when I was younger, too. I got him on the phone, so to speak, and he basically said ‘I’m not for you, best of luck finding whatever is’. And that was it. He earned my respect, that day, both for being straight with me and being kind about it.