Gratitude Project 2017, Day 8 – Eros

I do not know You very well, but I know the effect You have upon my life.  My relationships are often charged through Your domain.  I have honored Your Mother for many years, and now I see, among other things, that I must also honor You, lest I be carried away in my passions.

The Immortal Gods must have Their due, it is said.  I have been remiss in these actions for far too long.  And so, as I sit here, behind my keyboard, trembling from the touch and voice of Someone whom I shall not name, I thank You, Eros, for being kind enough to allow me to come to these conclusions naturally.

I almost carved out a place for You in my household, long ago.  I’m sure You remember.  It never quite materialized.  I have thought about that time, frequently, in fact, over the years.  I think that then, I was just stumbling along, not truly knowing of where I would land.  And so, Those who stayed, were Those who refused to see Their light be dimmed by my indecisiveness, or by my ignorance.

But You, You can be subtle.  I am learning that now.  But Your subtleties do not mean that You are any less present.  Because You have been here, teasing and winding Your way through my relationships with calculating precision, working Your will, as You will.  I respect that.  I appreciate it.  For, I have the love and desire of Many.

And so, I am grateful, Eros.



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