Gratitude Project 2017, Day 10 – Zeus

So far, how this has worked is that sometime in the morning or afternoon, Someone will come forward with a smile or a few words, and I’ll know that They would like to be featured that day in the Gratitude Project.  Well, today it was crickets.  I could sense some People hanging back, lurking, maybe waiting for tomorrow or subsequent days, but They sure didn’t express any interest in today.  I didn’t sweat it too much, though, since I’ve been busy today.  I figured eventually Somebody would let me know that today is for Them.

Well, eventually came and went.  I got my errands taken care of and my housework done.  Still no takers for the project.  Then, I started toying with the idea of doing another post for Apollon (although project rules say no repeats), simply because I can talk about Him all day. Well! Guess who showed up, looking all miffed and (mockingly) dejected? My dear Father, Zeus.

Me: !!

Zeus:  Is it such a shock to see Me?

Me:  Well, yeah.  You’re so busy.  I’m so glad You’re here!

Zeus:  *chuckles*  I should drop by more often, then.  Just to look in on you.  You know, to make sure My Son still treats you right.

Me:  …….  Please don’t.

Zeus:  What?  I can’t take care of My little girl?

Me:  That never goes over well.  You know that.  And nobody, including me, wants their Father poking His nose in their relationship.  You’ve done enough, thanks.

Zeus:  *dramatic*  Oh, you wound Me, daughter.

Me:  *eye roll*  Father, why are You here?

Zeus:  *sighs*  I’ve been watching this project you’re doing.  I like it.  I think it’s a grand idea.  *hesitates*  And, I noticed you hadn’t made any difinitive plans for when it would be My turn….

Me:  You’re serious?  You were eavesdropping in my head, and showed up here because You–

Zeus:  Don’t say it.  It sounds so unkingly….

Me:  *changes subject*  Well, of course I’ll write about You, Father. What would You like me to say?  Anything in particular You want shared?

Zeus:  Well, you know… how great I am, how much you love Me, a few mentions of the amazing things I’ve done for you, lovely daughter.

Me:  So, a prayer.

Zeus:  There’s no need for such formality.  Anything you want.  Just make Me look good.  *big grin*

Me:  *tries to hide mischief*  I know exactly what to do.  But You can’t get mad.

Zeus:  Oh, child.  Never.  Always remember that I love you.

Me:  I know.  And I love You.

Zeus:  You can visit Me, too, you know.  If I’m busy.

Me:  Yes, Father.  I will.  I promise.

So, this is me, being grateful for surprise visits from Zeus, who tries to play it cool and act like He isn’t disappointed at not being first on my project list.  Omgs….  Fathers are hilarious.  But He is no doubt the greatest, and the sweetest, and the most amazing Father in the Universe.  :)

He’s also going to be back later, when He sees that I’ve transcribed our entire conversation for humorous project purposes.  He did say anything I wanted.  *laughs*



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