Gratitude Project 2017, Day 12 – Hera

Hera is the supreme Goddess of my household.  She receives respect and devotion equal to Zeus, as is fitting for the Queen of the Theoi.  I love Her above all Others, probably.  And I feel Her love in return.  It’s difficult to talk about, though.  I feel as if I’m letting people into something so private, so special that it makes me recoil.  I never thought it was anyone’s business how She and I defined our relationship.  It isn’t.  It never will be.  Even so, in Her honor, I am inclined to give a very small glimpse.

Hera watches over me in the way only a Mother would.  She probes and insists and peeks in on me frequently.  Especially recently, because I’ve been depressed.  She scolds me out of bed when I’ve lazed about for too long, and She makes sure I do what’s necessary for my self-care. Even today She looked after me, making certain I washed my hair. Who but a Mother would do this?

She has also held me as I’ve wept, and raged with me in my deepest upset. Again, who but a Mother would do such a thing?  Maybe there are Others who would, but for me, it’s always Hera– always the Queen.

And She sets the example that I constantly strive to emulate, in regard to my own Queenship.  If I can manage to be the barest fraction of the Sovereign She is, I will have succeeded in my duty.  I hope to make Her proud in all that I do and accomplish.  Truly, Hera’s approval means more to me than nearly anything in this world, and to have it shown to me is worth every bit of hardship or pain I will ever meet.

So tonight, I express my gratitude for my Queen, the Most Regal Hera. She who is Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Wife of Zeus.  She who is adored for Her wisdom, grace and bearing.  She who is my Mother, my confidant, my most supreme and illustrious Goddess.


One response to “Gratitude Project 2017, Day 12 – Hera

  1. I want to cheer! I am so happy to hear of your devotion and adoration of Hera. She is awesome.