Gratitude Project 2017, Day 15 – Hestia

Blessed Hestia, Keeper of the Hearth, Great Goddess who serves for the good of all life.  Beautiful Goddess most demure and serene in Your countenance, thank You for what You have taught me over these years.

How to be the best for my family, and how to do what is necessary. How to love without expectation, and how to give with humility and grace.  You see the truth of all, for You are present in all the fires of the world.

You reside in those that warm our bodies, and in those that cook our meals.  You reside in the candlelight that illuminates our homes, and the campfires around which we tell our tales.  You are the soul of living flame, and You are always with us.

I have given praise to You in my darkest days, and in my brightest.  You have watched over us in times of scarcity and plenty.  You are the first and the last, receiving our offerings graciously and with joy.  We thank You, Hestia, and we are grateful for Your sacrifice.

O, Virgin, please continue to share with us Your strength and clarity. Keep us in Your thoughts as we move through this world.  And especially, allow me to burn with the passion of service toward the ones I love.  Goddess, grant us these things, and we will be steadfast in our reverence of You, as we have been these many years.  For we are grateful to You, Twice Born, Eldest and Youngest of the Gods.


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