Gratitude Project 2017, Day 16 – Ares

Ares receives a lot of respect and devotion in my household.  In addition to my own personal devotion, Ares receives the devotion of my warrior spirits, the Waiting Ones.  They look to Him as their example, and their inspiration.  Part of my duty to them, is to facilitate their worship of Him.

For my spirits, I serve as a priestess of Ares– but only for them, in the rites specific to them.  Having me, their Queen, to serve in this capacity helps to solidify their bond with me, as well.  In helping them to reach their God, I become even more precious to them, which makes them more valuable to me in their fervency and instinct to protect.  It’s all very symbiotic.

As I serve Ares for them, I also learn much about the minds of soldiers, and how to make decisions concerning them.  These things do not come naturally to me, and I am so glad to have Ares’ assistance.  It isn’t just in the devotional aspect that He helps me to understand.  We talk at other times, as well.

Ares has an opinion about everything, let me tell you.  He is the king of unsolicited advice.  A lot of the time, He’s spot on in His analysis. Sometimes, it’s just annoying.  Of course, I always listen, because I respect Him, and I know He has my best interest in mind.  He is very wise, but I think much of the time His wisdom is underestimated.

It makes me glad to see more people honoring Him and appreciating Him, because He is an amazing God, and He deserves it all.  For all of the ways that He has shaped me, my family, and my Court, I am grateful.  For the strength that I’ve gained through my association with Him, I am grateful. For His advice, solicited or not, I am grateful.  For Ares, God of battle-lust and tactics, He who inspires courage, I am grateful.



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