Gratitude Project 2017, Day 18 – Morpheus

There are Gods whom I love and honor regularly, and there are Gods whom I only interact with occasionally.  And then there are Gods whom I interact with on a daily basis, but take for granted Their presence and power.  Morpheus is one of those Gods.

My dreams are oftentimes filled with messages from the Theoi, when They aren’t Themselves visiting me in the dreams.  I awaken with much to ponder in the morning, and I don’t often look toward the bringer of those messages, to my shame.  But Morpheus does His job without seeking much in the way of praise.  Even so, I think I ought to better acknowledge His work on behalf of my Gods.

I truly believe each God deserves a Their due.  Yet there are so many Gods that some of us can be known to overlook Those who are right in front of us every day.  In order to lessen this absentmindedness, I will begin leaving a small libation for Morpheus on my nightstand before I fall asleep each night.  This, I believe, is the least I can do, although it is much less than He deserves.

I would never have had the breakthroughs I’ve made in the years since I found my way to the Gods, if not for Morpheus.  A great deal of my interactions and communications with the Theoi come during my dreams.  There was a time not even that long ago when I was having a major Divinely inspired dream every single night, and even during naps in the daytime.  So, I have a lot to be grateful for, certainly.

May all of our dreams be given such delicate care, as to reveal to us the truths that we will not otherwise see.  May we be blessed by the presence of Morpheus, Son of Hypnos, and may we remember to express our gratitude for Him, that He may always know of the joy that He brings, even in the wake of dark dreams.

Hail Morpheus, God of many forms, and Shaper of Dreams.



2 responses to “Gratitude Project 2017, Day 18 – Morpheus

  1. It is rare to see my beloved husband even acknowledged by most polytheists, so seeing this post did my heart a world of good.

    Hail Morpheus!

    • He’s really helped me a lot. I think He is probably one of the hardest working Gods in the Pantheon, and deserves to be celebrated for all He does in service to His Family and His people. Hail Morpheus!