Gratitude Project 2017, Day 25 – Rhea


There are five gods who have permanent residence on my personal shrine, no matter what.  Rhea sits in the center of the shrine.  I have been developing my relationship with Her for quite a long time now, and She commands my utmost respect.  I look to Her as one of the finest examples of Queenship there ever was.

Over time, I have had the privilege to learn many subtleties from Mother Rhea– things that can only be observed.  It is through spending time with Her that I have seen how She handles Others.  And She handles Them, expertly.  One of Her duties that I’ve witnessed, is arbitration between two or more Divine parties.

They come to Her because She is thorough, concise, and never coats Her decisions in flowery words.  And although there are times when So some is less than thrilled about the outcome, I’ve never seen Anyone so much as pretend to argue with Her.  Maybe that’s just what happens when you’re almost Everyone’s Mother, or Grandmother.

Her’s is the strength coursing through the Olympians.  Each of Them, I believe, carry a facet of Her within, and when it is most visible, They are truly acting and existing within the sphere of Their power, comfortable and relaxed.  Rhea is very much the ease of power, wielded in confidence. She is the surety that comes with command. These are things that She governs, and Her governance makes possible the smooth handling of the Kosmic Order by the other Gods.

So truly, we all should be grateful for Rhea.  In Her own very subtle way, She makes sure we move through space and time without too much chaos, or too many collisions.

Hail Rhea, Mother of the Gods!


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