Gratitude Project 2017, Day 26 – Gaea


Deep is Earth, who birthed, and still births, all life!  Round is She in the Heavens, and heavy with Her children!  Gaea, the Primordial Mother, so wild, never to be tamed!

Hail Mother, rich and moist!  We breathe in Your breath, and so, we live! Hail Mother, deep and green!  We eat of Your body, and so, we live!  Hail Mother, dangerous and impartial!  We are but players in Your game, and so, we survive!

Gaea, You are the soil, and we are the dust!  You are the mountain, and we make our home within You!  You are the flora, and the fauna, You are us, and You are our prey!

Earth, we are but shells of Your existence, bound to this flesh, and raised by Your power!  You are All Life, as we know it, and to You do we owe thanks and gratitude!

So, Dearest Mother, Great Gaea, Bountiful Earth, please accept these offerings, given back to You in love and reverence!  As do all things, these came from You, and to You do they return!  As did we!  As shall we all!

Gaea, our Mother, thank you for the gift that is life!  Thank you for the opportunity to live!  And thank you for the skills necessary to survive! You do, and shall always, have our most profound gratitude!


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