Devotional Acrostic Challenge!

In order to keep my mind pliable and ready to receive inspiration at a moments notice, I will sometimes devise writing prompts for myself.  Some of my favorite prompts have been in the form of acrostic poetry, which I have occasionally shared here.  I am about to embark on another twelve week set of acrostic prompts, but I though perhaps some of you might like to join in the fun.

I present to you, the Devotional Acrostic Challenge!  There are only three rules:

1.)  You must utilize the theme of the weekly prompts in some way.  Each prompt consists of at least two options.

2.)  All poems submitted must be in acrostic form.

3.)  All poems must be new material of a devotional nature.  No previously written acrostics, please.  I trust you all to abide by the honor system, as I do not have the time to check.

I will post the upcoming prompt a week ahead of time, and you will have until the end of the week to finish and submit your poems.

The twelfth prompt, for the twelfth week ending Tuesday, December 19th, is:

Destroying, Plague, Death Gods or Spirits

(Don’t be too pressured by this, really.  Work at your own pace.  The schedule is for those who thrive on deadlines, and you may submit your poetry at any time. Also, no you do not have to participate in all prompts.  I’m not even sure that I will.)

To submit poems, simply link them back here, or comment here with the link, and I will compile them into a new post with direct links, as the challenge progresses.

In the meantime, if you are unaware of the acrostic format, an acrostic is a type of poem in which certain letters (usually the first letter of each line) spell out a word or a phase.  For this challenge, the word or phrase you choose to spell out with your acrostics must fit with the theme of the prompt for any particular week.

I have given an example below:

All-seeing, all-knowing God at the Summit of Creation, He Who eases the
Pains of mortality by the release of the soul through the rotten flesh, Who
Opens the gates of His temple, welcoming the weary
Travelers, those who honor the God toward Whom all
Roads lead.  Apollon, come now into this
Oikos, to cleanse me and all those dwelling here.  Blessed Lord,
Purify us through the sting of Your
Arrows.  Leave no rot untouched, for in all our longing for You, we have
Internalized the fear of change, which can not be avoided in this world
Or any Other.  You are that which corrects, the Harbinger of Truth, the
Saviour of mankind through the cleansing art of
Katharmos.  Blessed Lord, be the hand which
Alleviates the mounting stress of these modern
Times, for we, Your people, are in need.  And thus we
Honor You with prayer, falling continually from our lips,
And we honor You with our unflinching attention at the
Rising of the Sun, and we honor You in the outpouring of votive
Song, inspired directly by Your shining countenance, oh God of
Immeasurable Beauty, so that You may be pleased to uncloud
Our eyes, revealing all that we refuse to
See; and to open our minds, allowing Your illumination to
Pierce through all false assumption; and to open our souls to the true
Awe of the Divine that You so magnificently
Induce.  Praiseworthy, King in Your own right,
Apollon, Who sweeps aside all which would oppose Your Will,
Now, so dispose of the last vestiges of
Doubt, and if it please You, clear a way for me,
As Mistress of this House, to achieve Your Will and to mark a
Path of renewal upon each road I travel from now until
Hermes Psychopompos escorts me down life’s final road.  And
Never, my Lord, do You need doubt my loyalty, for You are
Eternally the source of all desire within me.  I am at once
Protected and revealed by Your reciprocation, God Most Blessed, Who
Heals by the utterance of words, or by the aesthetic sound
Of instruments played more masterfully than can
Rightly be imagined by mortal ears; and even still through Divine
Oneiromancy.  Lord, You are the Pinnacle, the Light of the World, and the
Stillness dwelling in my soul, and those of Your other grateful devotees.

The above acrostic is formed from epithets of Apollon which I commonly call to in my worship of Him.  Apotropaios, Katharsios, Paian, and Daphnephoros.  You do not have to use the name of a Deity for your acrostic.  The word or phrase you choose only needs to fit the theme of the prompt.

And yes, you may submit multiple acrostics for any prompt, or multiple acrostics for any one Deity, across several prompts.  There are no Pantheon restrictions. Create for any group of Gods or Spirits that you choose.

And feel free to share this challenge if you think anyone else might like to participate.  :)

And, for ease of planning, I include now the list of prompts for the next twelve weeks.  Have fun!

1.)  Dark, Khthonic, Underworld Gods or Spirits

2.)  Healing, Purifying, Kathartic Gods or Spirits

3.)  Bright, Ouranic, Heaven/Sky Gods or Spirits

4.)  Earth/Cave, Wilderness, Reclusive Gods or Spirits

5.)  Air, Wind, Life Giving Gods or Spirits

6.)  Water, Sea, Storm Gods or Spirits

7.)  Fire, Volcanic, Hearth Gods or Spirits

8.)  Daemons, Familiars, Egregores

9.)  Mantic, Oracular, Divinatory Gods or Spirits

10.)  Seasonal or Elemental Gods or Spirits

11.)  Fate or Trickster Gods or Spirits

12.)  Destroying, Plague, Death Gods or Spirits

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  1. This sounds like a fun challenge, and it’s been a long time since I’ve written any truly *devotional* poetry, this should help me get back to that.

  2. Reblogged this on Between Stars Unknown and commented:
    This sounds like a fun challenge, and I’ll definitely be participating in it.

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