My Father’s House (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

Week 3 prompt – Bright, Ouranic, Heaven/Sky Gods or Spirits

[A recounting of astral visits to Olympos, and some of what’s expected there.]

Morning comes in waves of sunlight, stirring me, as I
Yearn, even now, for the quiet solace of sleep.  But I am here,
Forever bound to the forms and protocols of Olympos,
And our Mountain home is not a place for
Tempting the will of our Great Father.  Zeus is King of All,
Here and there, and the realms must be paid their due, in all
Earnestness.  So, I am escorted to the temple, where the sky
Receives us all, open to the elements.  In this place, our Father
Shares His wisdom, and His many realms are acknowledged,
Honored, and administered to, before supplication begins.  Many
Of the House of Zeus, His mortal children living among the Gods
Understand that we must learn the truth of a ruler’s duty,
So we may one day administer to our own people with such
Ease and grace as our Father, who loves and protects us all.


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