A Message From Apollon: Find the Others!

And so the Lord Apollon commanded: Find His people– His true people– those who embody and affirm His ethos in the work of their everyday lives.  Those whose ferocity is untamed and uncontainable.  Those whose words strike with the force of truth.  Look not toward the meek, those overly humble ones, for they have not yet reached the core of their fire.  You burn.  You burn too hotly to remain in the company of the cold.

So dwell in fire, and in rage.  Let the venom fill your fangs, and bite!  Bite, for you are the serpent of the darkness!  Your voice is the sting of a pain yet to come!  Like the slow death of fever, or consumption, swift in dragon fire– you herald the end.

All is dark around you, but there is no fear, for you are the darkest dark, and the dark shapes itself to your will.  You focus the light, as did our Lord Apollon, when the light of Helios caused the dragon’s flesh to rot from its bones.  Helios is the Sun, but Apollon commands, for He is the Lord of Light, and the Prince of Shadow.  So shall you command the light within, to illuminate, and to awaken the sleepers among you.

All those who are enamored of Him must heed this command, for He is not known for His mercy.  Find the others.  Find your brethren and you sistren.  He calls you to come together, for the world is ripe for His true return.  Ready yourselves, and be ready to sharpen your blades of truth.  The time is near.  Soon, the Oracle shall speak.


3 responses to “A Message From Apollon: Find the Others!

  1. Quite in line with what I too have been getting. Hence his push towards establishing his mysteries. He is not all sweetness and nor are we. I may try to be neutral in some things as it really isnt overly my buisness..and evem then I try to be reasonable and fair… but boy howdy just push it. Never be afraid to cut when necessary, to bare fang, to strike. And to laugh.

  2. Oh wow… I was some time offline to clear some spiritual things and get a bit distance. Now I just saw this and am totally stunned. It’s similar to what He told me in the last weeks. :-o :-o The harshness in this command, yes, I got it too. Don’t know what to think about all of this now, because I thought I would not longer be involved.

    • My opinion, is that we all need to decide for ourselves what it means to us, what it means for each of us individually, as Apollonians. Following His command will be different for all of us, so I think we have *some* leeway here, but I do not think it is something we should ignore. Try not to worry too much, and maybe keep your eyes open for opportunities to fulfill His command. I wish you luck, and good health.