About Columbine

Columbine is the Queen of the Waiting Ones, a horde of dead generals, soldiers, revolutionaries, and bloody warriors of great variety.  Only these are beholden to her.  Only these are obliged to follow her words.  Never the living; never those reading.

Columbine receives her sovereign authority of Queenship from Zeus, her Father and King, and maintains her reign through the Mastery of Apollon, to Whom she is wed.

Columbine was named by, and for, the Goddess Columbia, the Peace-bringer, Who is Dovelike. She is also called Laurel, after the tree first loved by Apollon.

None of these statements should ever be mistaken for claimed “authority” within the Polytheist/Pagan “community”.  Columbine speaks only for herself.

Columbine has donned the veil for a variety of religious and spiritual reasons, none of which does she owe to anyone seeking such information.  The fact that she veils by her own choice is enough, and any claims to the contrary are baseless and inappropriate.

Columbine is a Hard Polytheist, meaning that she believes the many Gods to be Individuals, each in Their own right.  She is also an animist, and a solitary witch.

Columbine was once a practicing Wiccan, since the age of thirteen, but found her true spiritual home within Hellenic Polytheism in the year 2008.  She has practiced various forms of divination throughout that span of time, and continues to the present day.

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