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Modern Apollonian Veil Blessing


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Choose a veil that helps to convey the epithets, aspects or manifestations of Apollon that you wish to be associated with the veil. Its size, shape, colors and patterns should be selected to enhance your connection to Apollon, as well as to the specific intent and goal of prayer/workings while wearing the veil.

Next, select an appropriate anointing oil, the scent of which should evoke the feeling of your love and adoration toward Apollon.

This ritual is to be done in the nude, freshly bathed, and requires access to unobstructed sunlight, via an open window or door (or outside if you are willing/able). Dawn, or shortly after dawn is the best time for this ritual.

Begin by preparing khernips, and purifying the space and yourself.

Process toward/into the unobstructed sunlight with lit incense, and gain Apollon’s attention by propitiating Him through epithets which correspond to the intent of the ritual, along with something else tangible to please Him, such as a semi-precious stone that you associate with Him or His domain. A sweet offering like cake, or a libation of sweet red wine would also be appropriate, but are not entirely necessary.

Present the tangible gift while it is wrapped in the veil you have selected. Say: “O Lord of the apotropiac rituals, I present to You this (name of gift) that You might be inclined to direct your favor upon me! O Lord, be pleased by this gesture! I honor You, my Lord Apollon!”

Now, anoint yourself with the oil previously selected, on at least these five chakras, in this order: Sacral, Heart, Throat, Brow, and Crown. At each chakra, say: “I attune myself to You, my Lord, that I might flow with Your presence, and protective power! With You, I dwell in a state of love, knowing Your touch, embracing Your heat! Be pleased by my true devotion, O Venerable Lord Apollon!”

At this time, unwrap the selected veil, holding it open in the sunlight. Feel your emotions well up inside you. Think of the protective and clarifying aspects of Apollon’s power and domain that you wish to have woven into the fabric of the veil. Imagine Him penetrating the fabric with threads of golden sunlight. You may recite His relevant epithets, or otherwise pray for the transformation of this simple item into a powerful tool for protection, clarity, insight, or whatever other quality you deem necessary. Reinforce your vision, and imprint your desire with these words: “I present this tool for the furtherance of our connection, and to be a vessel for the light of Your presence! Apollon, my Prince wielding the Silver Bow, be poised to strike with wisdom all those who would enter into our shared space! Apollon, my Beloved wielding the Golden Sword, be ready to slice through all impure thoughts directed toward me, Your loving ward!”

Again, you may recite or chant His relevant epithets as you infuse your (and His) intent into the veil. When you feel the blessing is complete, slide the veil over your head and face, wrapping it around your body, if long/large enough. Feel His love and power seeping down through your Crown chakra, traveling along those previously anointed, ending with the Sacral chakra (or whichever chakra you started with). You may now bask in His presence for as long as desired.

Light more incense now as a final offering while you thank Apollon for His time and attention. Say: “My Lord Apollon, whom I do love and admire, I shall cherish this gift of Your own Divine Presence, woven into this fabric with protective intent! Lord called Destroyer, avert all potential harm and ill-will through the use of this tool, from the vicinity of this, Your loyal devotee/servant/priest(ess)/bride (name your relationship here)! I thank You, Beloved Apollon, for all You have done or will do in my defense, and I shall strive to receive clarity, while sharing Your wisdom through right speech and right action! Hail to You, Apollon, Prince of High Olympos! And may You be greatly honored by the many who know and seek for You!”

With the completion of this ritual, you now have a veil blessed with our Lord Apollon’s protective strength. Wear as needed or desired, in or outside of ritual or prayer.

Blessed are the Mothers and Fathers

[Dedicated to my own mother, long deceased, on this, the Nineteenth of November, the day of her birth into this world.]


Blessed are the sustainers of life, the diligent ones whose direct care reflects the health of the family.  Blessed are those whose hands ache from pulling garden weeds; from planting and harvesting the goods of the Earth.

Blessed are those who care gently for the fair folk, leaving valuables in exchange for the riches provided.  Blessed are they whose sacred spaces flow with the magic of the unseen.

Blessed are the caregivers, preparing meals over long hours, standing and chopping and stirring.  Blessed are the ones whose work is rewarded in the fullness of bellies, and quiet contentment.

Blessed are those who tend the warmth of the familial hearth; those whose love and commitment are like the arms of the Gods Themselves, cradling all within the grace of prosperity.

Blessed are the housekeepers, whose skill in the art of cleanliness does stave off illness and depression.  Blessed are the patient ones, who with compassion, nurse the unwell back into gloried health.

Blessed are those who plan for all manner of circumstance, from births to deaths, and the many paths in-between.  Blessed are the event planners and chauffeurs, whose work entails long hours and is never complete.

Blessed are the disciplinarians, whose words, though heavy, are weighed down only by the abundance of love they hold.  Blessed are the kindhearted ones, never failing to teach the hardest lessons.

Blessed are those who recognize the awful responsibility of the home; those who are well tuned to the trials and exasperations, yet also to the joys and triumphs.  Blessed are the weavers of familial cohesion.

Blessed are the willing ones, whose commitment to the path of parenting can never be outdone.  Blessed are the mothers and the fathers, for they are the driving force of success, and the arms within which the family rests.


Hail to the mothers, to the fathers, and to caregivers of all kinds.  May the Gods keep and bless you throughout all the days of your lives.

Blessed Be.

Charge of the Goddess for Hellenic Wiccans

This is going to be an odd post for this blog.  I never actually thought I’d be posting this publicly, but my Gods have decided otherwise.  Though I have not been involved with Wicca for several years now, I still find solace in the Charge of the Goddess.  Of course, I reworked sections of the first half of the Charge to suit my needs, but it hasn’t been altered that much.

So, for whatever reason, I’ve been Told to share it with you.  There are so many versions, after all.  I do not claim that mine is special or even unique, but it certainly brings me peace when read, even now.  So, here it is, the Charge of the Goddess, as expressed by a Hard Polytheist Hellenic (then) Wiccan. May She Who Is guide all who come looking for Her to the places where they belong.

And actually, after spending a night thinking about it, it does make sense that I would post this today, with it being Mother’s Day.  What better way to show my appreciation to the Great Mother?  I may not be Wiccan anymore, but Her lessons are real, and they will stay with me for the rest of my days.  So, Happy Mother’s Day to those who celebrate, whether for themselves, a family member, or a Goddess.  May all mothers be honored this day.


Listen to the Words of the Great Mother, Who is Eldest and Wisest of All:

At the Holy Altars the youth of Lacedaemon of Sparta and the descendants of Aeneas gave love, and made due sacrifice.  They called the names of My Beloved Daughters: “Rhea! Hekate! Aphrodite! Hestia! Demeter! Hera! Artemis! Athena!” And the many Others, welcoming Them, and My Spirit to their rites.

Whenever ye have need of anything, once in the month, and better it be when the Moon is Full, then shall ye gather in some secret place to adore the Spirit of Me, Who am Queen of All. There shall ye assemble, ye who are fain to learn all Wisdom, yet have not won its deepest Mysteries. To these will I teach things that are as yet unknown.

And ye shall be free from slavery; and as a sign that ye be truly free, ye shall be naked in your rites, or sheathed pleasingly by your true devotion. And ye will dance, sing, feast, make music and love, all in My praise. For Mine is the ecstasy of Spirit, and Mine also is joy on Earth; for My Law is Love unto all beings.

Keep pure your Highest Ideal; strive ever toward it; let naught stop you or turn you aside. For Mine is the Secret Gate which opens upon the Land of Elysium; and Mine is the Vessel of the Wine of Dionysos; and the Flame of Hestia, which are both the sacral and purified essence of immortality.

I am the Gracious Goddess Who gives the gift of joy unto the heart of man. On Earth, I give the knowledge of Spirit Eternal; and beyond death, I give peace, and freedom, and reunion with those who have gone before. Nor do I demand sacrifice, for behold: I am the Mother of All Living, and My Love is poured out upon the Earth.

Hear ye the Words of the Star Goddess. She in the dust of Whose feet are the Hosts of Heaven, Whose Body encircles the Universe.

I, Who am the Beauty of the Green Earth, and the White Moon amongst the Stars, and the Mystery of the Waters, and the Desire of the heart of man– call unto thy soul: Arise! And come unto Me!

For I am the Soul of Nature Who gives Life to the Universe! From Me all things proceed, and unto Me all things must return. And before My Face, beloved of Gods and men, thine innermost Divine Self shall be enfolded in the Rapture of the Infinite.

Let My Worship be within the heart that rejoices, for behold: all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals. Therefore let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

And thou who thinkest to seek for Me, know thy seeking and yearning shall avail thee not, unless thou knowest the Mystery: for if that which thou seekest thou findest not within, thou will never find it without.

For behold, I have been with thee from the beginning; and I am That which is attained at the end of Desire.

Blessed Be.

Blessed Are The Workers

Blessed are those who are humble, who seek not to posture before the sight of Nations, those whose lives are grounded in the truth of their circumstance.

Blessed are the planters and the pickers, blessed are the herders and the milkers, blessed are the butchers and barmen.

Blessed are those whose toils are rooted in the sustenance of their families, those who linger in cubicles and those whose service is reviled.

May the garbage men be blessed, and may the maintenance men be blessed.

Blessed are the waitresses and waiters, whose hands carefully carry our meals from the possession of the blessed chefs and blessed cooks with whom our lives rest, in the moments that we dine in their establishments.

Blessed are the dishwashers and the bussers, and yes even the homeless man who comes to collect a free meal.  He is also blessed.

Blessed are the workers, all those who are humble, and especially those whom I have not mentioned.

All these are blessed, and many more, and may they remain so throughout this Season and the next.