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Onward, Toward Phoibos

Things are changing in my cozy little world with Apollon.  I’ve gotten comfortable, I’ve gotten used to the ways in which I have related to Apollon for these last seven years.  Knowing Him has always before been like riding the edge of a massive storm, or being sucked into it. He has been harsh, never mincing His words or holding back in His actions.  He’s taught me so much under the epithets I’ve primarily interacted with Him as.  But, although those parts of Him are still here and are still of great importance to our unique relationship, now is the time for them to step quietly back, and to allow a new aspect to receive my primary devotion.

It was a year, perhaps two years ago, that I received an oracle from one of my Sisters, wherein Apollon had announced His intention to shift the dynamics of our relationship.  I did not fully understand this intention, at the time.  I was content, as I always had been, with dwelling in the midst of Apollon as Despota, Krysaoros, Telchinios and Lykeios.  I thought there would be no need for me to further understand Him as Phoibos (Phoebus, as my Roman Sister had said in the oracle).  But I was wrong.

His brightness is deep and powerful, and incendiary.  It is also warm and compassionate.  I think that warmth and compassion may have been two of the things most obviously lacking in our relationship.  To say that He has pushed me hard in the seven years that I’ve been exclusively His would be the grossest of understatements.  I have come to love Him in His harshness, to appreciate His care and concern, to revel in His possessiveness, and so now, as those lessons have become so deeply a part of me, He moves toward a new set of lessons, from a different part of Himself.

Like casting a light onto what no longer serves His fullest purposes, He shows me that it is not acceptable for me to become stagnant within His familiar forms.  It is time to move onward, toward Phoibos, to celebrate His light, to see through eyes unclouded.  What I will find there, I do not know.  I couldn’t even venture to guess.  It is dangerous to look directly into the sun, so perhaps my attention is better served by acknowledging that which He illuminates– to turn myself in the direction of His nod, or His gaze.  And perhaps, in so doing, in allowing His light to envelop me, I may In fact better notice my own shadow, casting darkness in my wake.  And perhaps I will learn to understand and accept myself in my totality, for that shadow is a part of me.


Hail Zeus!


Hail to my Father, the Thunderer From on High, who’s speech fortifies the will, and breaks nations! Hail to the Father of Logos! Hail Zeus!

Hail to the God who’s rule is absolute, He who ascended to the Heavens in conquest! Hail to the Once Born, reared and nursed by the Earth!

Hail to the Kosmic Defender! The Unmatched, the Unchallenged; Zeus whom we honor above all! Hail the Father of men, our Beloved King! Hail!

On Getting to Know Him

I have finished that article I promised about starting out with Apollon.  It can be found here, at the Treasury of Apollon.  Enjoy, dear readers.

Also, Happy Prostateria, and Hail Apollon!

Beatitude of Zeus Soter, for the Winter Solstice

As those who are longtime readers know, my Winter Solstice celebration is one to mark the occasion of Zeus’ birth and Kronos’ defeat.  May the High King be praised by the peoples of the world, on this day and all subsequent days.  Hail Zeus Soter!

Blessed is Zeus Soter, my Father, born of Rhea, Most Loving of Mothers

Blessed is Zeus Soter, the Prince who ushers in the new age

Blessed is Zeus Soter, un-swallowed by Kronos, unharmed by the glut of stagnant time

Blessed is Zeus Soter, whose cries are concealed by the clashing of spear against shield

Blessed is Zeus Soter, reared in secret, raised in the company of the Great Mother

Blessed is Zeus Soter, deliverer of the world from the tyrant, releaser of cycles

Blessed is Zeus Soter, our Father, born to reunite the world in right order

Blessed is Zeus Soter, the Future King, whose domain is the unhindered heavens

Blessed is Zeus Soter, the Once Born, the Eldest, the untouched promise of freedom

Blessed is Zeus Soter, dwelling upon the primal mountain, immersed in the wisdom of Divine Law

Blessed is Zeus Soter, biding His time, gaining knowledge and strength and fortitude

Blessed is Zeus Soter, who shall rule over all the Kosmos in due time

Gratitude, and Farewell

[Originally posted here at the Treasury of Apollon’s blog, October 9, 2014]


Dearest Apollon, we thank You for Your presence in our lives and in our homes these past nine days.  We thank You for Your love and guidance. You are the well-spring of truth, and Your gentle hand leads us to be purified.

In all the days of our lives, You are here, distantly shining out upon the world, which is ours to behold, to love and to cherish.  You are present in everything we hold dear and beautiful.  Even as You have traversed the world, even as You now depart from the world, You rest within us.

Though we must prepare for the distance, we celebrate the nearness that shall exist, always, between us.  We are Yours, from this moment and all moments after, and there is no separation that can diminish our love.

Blessed Lord, take with You our fond wishes, take with You our stalwart reverence.  Take with You our assurance of home and hearth when You return.  Take with You these offerings of the gifts given to us by You, and all the Gods.  Blessed Lord, take with You our love.

Farewell, Dearest Apollon, Hyperboreios, Ageletes, Anax, and may we meet You again fondly, in the Spring flowers.